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Havis Launches Innovative Rugged Charging Holder for Zebra TC22 & TC27 Mobile Computers

Posted by Havis, Inc

WARMINSTER, PA, November 15, 2023

Havis, a leading provider of rugged mobile solutions, is thrilled to introduce the DS-ZEB-600 Series Rugged Charging Holders, purpose-built for Zebra Technologies’ TC22 and TC27 mobile computers. Engineered to excel in today’s dynamic work environments, these cutting-edge charging solutions meet the unique demands of these devices.


The DS-ZEB-600 Series from Havis provides unmatched versatility and functionality, making it the ideal choice for businesses in various industries, including Field Mobility, Warehousing, and Retail. These innovative solutions ensure that Zebra TC22 and TC27 users maintain peak productivity while keeping their devices charged, accessible, and ready for action.


These Rugged Charging Holders accommodate Zebra TC22 and TC27 mobile computers both with and without rugged boots, offering flexibility without sacrificing protection. Designed with an integrated USB-C cable, powering the device is efficient and convenient. The low-profile design of these charging holders provides easy access to all essential device controls like power, Push-to-Talk (PTT), volume and the built-in scanner. Users can easily replace the charging cables to minimize downtime and maximize sustainability.


To accommodate the diverse needs of users, these rugged charging holders support extended battery options and hand straps, catering to individual preferences and varying demands. The integrated AMPS mounting pattern offers compatibility with a wide range of mounting solutions and provides users with multiple installation options to suit their specific requirements. Designed for efficiency, the DS-ZEB-600 Series boasts a compact, lightweight composite design that minimizes bulk while maximizing performance.

“The DS-ZEB-600 Series is a game-changer for businesses in Field Mobility, Warehousing, and Retail,” says Debi Besmer, Havis Senior Business Development Manager. “This solution stands out for its rugged reliability and user-friendly design, making it ideal to withstand the rigors of daily use in challenging environments.”

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