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Colored Tops for Liberty™ II and Legacy® Lightbars

Colored tops are now available for 48” and 54” Liberty™ II and Legacy® lightbars providing you with more flexibility to customize and enhance the aesthetics of your lightbar like never before.

Available in Blue, Red, or Black, colored tops allow for easier aerial recognition from helicopters and other aircraft ensuring more efficient communication between law enforcement vehicles on the ground and in the sky.

This new customization feature gives you the option to match your powder-coated tops to your Smoked or Colored lens for a more seamless and polished look. Colored tops are also available with Clear lenses and standard silver tops will still come standard for those who prefer a more traditional look.

Lightbars with Smoked lenses and a Black top will have the option for matching Black glamour caps. Gray plastic glamour caps will continue to come standard with lightbars that have Blue or Red lenses.

Upgrade your fleet today with colored tops for Liberty II and Legacy lightbars, buildable in WeCad™.

Please contact your Whelen sales representative with any questions.

Click here for more information.

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